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Dialysis Service

Dialysis Service

Dialysis is a procedure to remove waste products and excess fluid from the blood when kidneys stop working properly.
Ameya Hospital is a safe, comfortable & effective place for kidney failure patients equipped with all facilities, staff, lab, check up area, trained nurses and technicians and a team of caring staff.

Dialysis Doctors

Commit to your full dialysis

Your doctor will prescribe the treatment time that’s right for you. Completing every treatment will help maximize the effectiveness of your dialysis. Reducing your prescribed treatment time by even 5-10 minutes will allow toxins and fluid to build up in your body 


Take all medications as directed

A person on dialysis needs certain medications to help maintain the body’s healthy balance. It’s critical to take all of your medications as prescribed.

manage fluids

Eat well and manage your fluids

Because dialysis works to achieve chemical balance and remove excess fluids, it’s important to eat well, limit salt and control the amount of fluids you consume.

best type of access

Ensure you have the best type of
access for you

Your dialysis access site is your lifeline to dialysis. Talk to your doctor or nurse to ensure you have the best access site possible. Feeling your best and staying healthy starts with a great access site.


Patients who have difficulty in their kidneys or have infections then they’ll have to undergo dialysis. It helps purify the blood and remove excess fluid from the blood.

While most patients recover from a kidney infection and may not require the need for dialysis, there are others with chronic problems that may require dialysis permanently.

The duration of dialysis is four hours to more depending on the situation of the patient and if breaks are taken in between. Four hours is an ideal time to remove toxins from the blood.

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