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Emergency & Trauma Care

Emergency & Trauma Care

Emergency and Trauma Care is primarily intended to provide emergency services to accident and emergency victims 24*7 all around the year. Ameya Hospital is the Best Hospital in Kanpur, where the unit is equipped with all facilities, equipment, and a specialist team of doctors and nurses.

At Ameya Hospital, the Department of Emergency and Trauma Care addresses injuries like cuts and fractures with the same level of care as life-threatening crises like heart attacks and strokes. The emergency department (ED), which is open around the clock, provides emergency care for everyone who needs it, including infants, kids, teenagers, and adults. Ameya Hospital is the Best Emergency Hospital in Kanpur.

Traumas requiring immediate medical attention can be caused by severe road traffic accidents (such as vehicle crashes), gunshot wounds, severe falls, and other accidental and purposeful injuries. If these serious injuries are not treated right away, they can result in the loss of a body part, severe wounds, fractures, organ damage, and even death. Those who sustain such severe wounds need to be treated right once, and the injured person needs to be taken to a trauma hospital. So now, Ameya Hospital is the Best Emergency Hospital in Kanpur.

Emergency care for individuals who have suffered serious trauma is a difficult task that calls for several phases and levels of specialized care. So in that case, if you ever look for the Best Emergency Hospital in Kanpur, then Ameya Hospital is the perfect place where your search gets completed.

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Doctors in trauma care

Facilities Available At Emergency
& Trauma Care Unit

Cath Lab

Cath Lab

Cab lab, Ultrasound and Laboratory services

Cardiac Monitors

Cardiac Monitors

Cardiac Monitors to monitors BP, Pulse and Cardiac functions

Recovery Beds

Separate Recovery Beds

Specialized trained trauma team of doctors, nurses, Para-medical-staff, ward boys etc, 

Operation Theatre

Dedicated Operation Theatre

Dedicated Operation Theatre for emergency surgeries, Procedures.

24X7 Facilities available at Ameya

24*7 Fast Ambulance Services

  • Dedicated OT for emergency surgery procedures
  • Pediatrics and Gynaecology emergencies
  • Specialized trained Trauma team of doctors, nurses, para-medical staff, ward boys, etc., equipped to handle any medical and surgical emergency
  • Cardiac monitors that track blood pressure, heart rate, and cardiac health
  • Cath lab, Ultrasound, CT Scan, and laboratory services
  • Wheelchairs, crash carts, mechanical ventilators, multiple-channel monitors, and separate recovery beds
  • NABH Accredited

If you are searching for the Best 24/7 Emergency Hospital, then Ameya Hospital is the smartest decision that you could ever take.

Why Ameya Hospital for Emergency & Trauma Care?

At Ameya Hospital, the emergency room is staffed around the clock by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses with emergency and critical care training, and specialists. Upon admission, a team of nurses performs a triage to assess the patient’s condition and assign them to a zone based on severity. In a special area called the Resuscitation Bay, patients with life-threatening and time-sensitive disorders like heart attack, stroke, and major accidents are addressed by a doctor right away. The patient is swiftly transferred to this bay, where a team of skilled medical professionals begins their evaluation and stabilization procedures. Ameya Hospital can rapidly scan the body for interior injuries and diseases using cutting-edge diagnostic tools. Serving you like no other, Ameya Hospital emerges as the striking option for the Best Emergency Hospital.

Common Traumatic Injuries requiring Emergency Care:

  • Emergency care is necessary for the most typical traumatic injuries, which include:
  • Accidents involving vehicles (car accidents or road traffic accidents)
  • Injuries occurring on the street, at home, or work
  • Serious accidents caused by natural disasters
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Serious falls (accidental)
  • Gunshot injuries

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Two Doctor

Types of Trauma Centers:

Depending on the expertise of staff and the equipment available, there are five levels of the Trauma Center, and they are as follows:

  •  Level 1 Trauma Center:
    Elements and services of Level 1 Trauma Center include:
  • For emergency and critical care of trauma victims, highly skilled medical professionals are available in all specialties (available 24 hours).
  • They offer a thorough examination facility to deal with critical and severe injuries.
  • They have critical care units, operating rooms, and emergency rooms all equipped with the tools required to deliver comprehensive medical care.
  • They raise public awareness and educate the communities around them about trauma prevention.
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  • Level 2 Trauma Center:
    Elements and services of Level 2 Trauma Center include:
  • These centers evaluate injuries and start treating patients.
  • Additionally, they offer 24*7 access to specialists and experts.
  • After starting definitive care, trauma patients needing advanced care, such as heart surgery or dialysis, are moved to the level one center.
  • These facilities also strive to provide better emergency trauma care.
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  •  Level 3 Trauma Center:
    Elements and services of Level 3 Trauma Center include:
  • Assessing the injured people right away, providing CPR, and stabilizing them.
  • Offer intensive care and carry out emergency procedures.
  • 24*7 access to specialists and experts.
  • Transferring stabilized patients to level 1 or level 2 centers, where necessary.
  • They only have a few facilities, therefore after stabilizing patients in need of advanced care, they send them to level one or two centers.
  •  Level 4 Trauma Center:
    Elements and services of Level 4 Trauma Center include:
  • Essential emergency room amenities
  • Trauma nurses and doctors are available when the injured person arrives
  • Surgical and critical care services delivery
  • Incorporates a thorough program for quality assessment
  • Involved with prevention efforts
  • Level 5 Trauma Center:
    Elements and services of Level 5 Trauma Center include:
  • Basic emergency room equipment
  • Immediate accessibility of nurses and medical personnel upon patient arrival
  • If not available 24/7, after-hours protocols are to be followed
  • Offer critical care and surgical procedures.
  • Patients who require more extensive care are transferred to level 1, 2, or 3 centers

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Some Do's in the case of Trauma:

The following crucial actions are crucial in cases of severe traumatic injuries:

  • Seeking immediate medical attention at the scene of an accident or injury.
  • Treating severe injuries that are life-threatening initially.
  • The timely start of medical therapies is essential for patient survival.
  • In order to start rapid interventions, it is crucial to quickly diagnose the patient’s life-threatening issues.
  • The emergency medical team must carefully examine the situation before acting, intervening, and reassessing it.

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Fundamental Guidelines for Treating Trauma Patients:

Quick action must be taken to begin emergency care.
Priority should be given to treating severe, life-threatening injuries.

  • The procedure should be speedy and precise.
  • Clinical symptoms should be diagnosed first.
  • The emergency team must first evaluate the patient, intervene, and then reevaluate.
  • The emergency team needs to evaluate the patient, act, and then reevaluate.

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Procedures for Managing a Trauma Patient:

Quickly and effectively handling and treating trauma requires a methodical strategy. If there are numerous accident victims, triage will be performed. Treatment can start right away after an evaluation of the patient’s airway, breathing, circulation, impairment, and surroundings. The patient is subsequently taken to a hospital or trauma treatment. After being transported to the trauma center, the injured are thoroughly evaluated along with their medical background. In order to evaluate the patient’s condition, he is also continuously observed and examined. Suitable medical procedures and treatments are carried out following the establishment of a conclusive diagnosis.

The following are some of the crucial actions throughout the entire procedure:

  • Quick first aid and fundamental trauma life support.
  • Advanced trauma lifesaving techniques.
  • Dispatch to trauma centers.
  • Complete medical care and attention.

If you search for hospitals in Kanpur then you will get a wide variety of results, but that one result which outshines every other is none other than your Ameya Hospital.

Ameya Hospital In Kanpur

Ameya Hospital seek to be the most preferred healthcare provider in Kanpur along with UP territory to the highest standard of clinical excellence and patient care support.



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